Are You A Bird Like Me Cover 2d-2



Meet Sky, a hatchling who thinks her nest is the whole entire world—until she falls out of it!

As Sky sets out to find her parents, she makes unexpected friendships and discovers a fascinating world beyond her nest.

Join Sky and her new friends as they learn valuable lessons about courage, teamwork, diversity, perseverence and the amazing things that can happen by working together. This is a story that inspires kids and adults to believe in themselves and embrace the idea that differences aren’t dividers but ways to contribute toward a common goal.





What Readers Are Saying…

“A sweet story about a fearful bird named Sky who by the help of her new friends learns to fly and sees things she never could have imagined. A book about facing your fears, being open to new experiences and discovering help lies in the most unusual places. Well done!”

AllisonEdwards | Psychotherapist and Author of Worry Says What?

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